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Our specialists develop solutions within the field of extensive, regulated multi-motor drives for industrial systems, making optimum use of technical resources from Siemens' A&D division. We are currently expanding our activities in respect of the SIMOTION products from Siemens to include accurate positioning for NC machines.


Technology used in industrial systems generally requires precise settings to be made for the relative speed of various parts, as well as the option of operating the entire technological complement in the system at any speed (or even a variable speed).

This may involve, for example, two independently driven rollers that are directly connected by a roll of paper. Related technological components may include regulated pumps, compressors, and so on. A similar multi-motor drive requires all drives to have the option of direct adjustment of speed, torque or position.

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The SIMOTION system is designed for single-purpose machines or production lines where extremely fast and precise positioning is required. It enables up to 32 hydraulic or standard axes to be controlled.

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System integrator

Blumenbecker is a system integrator for Siemens. We work in collaboration with customers to develop the perfect solutions, as well as offering complex automation solutions for technological processes or simply for drives.

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