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Corporate Social Responsibility at Blumenbecker

Social environment

Our sense of responsibility extends beyond our works premises. At all of our operating locations, we also pay attention to social affairs in the regional environment and support private initiatives in the fields of education, culture and sport. We do this either directly through the individual Blumenbecker entities or indirectly through the Marianne Blumenbecker Foundation, which holds 40 % of the capital shares in our Group.

Responsibility in the spotlight

Sponsoring at Blumenbecker

When it comes to sponsoring, Blumenbecker has a strong focus on sports promotion. But our engagement goes far beyond donating team jerseys; a variety of niche sports, for example, profit from Blumenbecker engaging in sponsoring agreements.

We also invest in young people’s education, which we see as an investment in the future. We seek to make a sustainable contribution to society. After all, in doing so, we also invest in the future of our company. We need highly qualified and committed employees, and our activities in this regard also help combat the much quoted shortage of skilled workers. Against this background we have entered into cooperation agreements with local schools and also donate prize monies for technically advanced competitions.

Listed below are just a few of our sponsoring activities:

Blumenbecker is "official Sponsor of SV Lippstadt 08"

A Lippstadt-based football club competing in the Westphalia regional league. more

A Beckum-based football club competing in the Landesliga or national league. more

Blumenbecker sponsors the Massener Heide Riding & Driving Club

Blumenbecker sponsors the Massener Heide Riding & Driving Club in Unna. more

Blumenbecker sponsors the R4 Team Westfalen

R4 Team Westfalen is currently the largest team in Germany which take part at the 4L Trophy from Poitiers to Marrakesh. more

Blumenbecker sponsors the Hammer SportClub

Blumenbecker sponsors the fistball section of the Hammer SportClub. more

Since 2012 Blumenbecker donated the special prize money for the first place of the VDE Technology Prize. more

Ennigerloh-Neubeckum Comprehensive School

Blumenbecker is committed to promotion of young talents. more


The municipal park in Schafstädt is renamed the Marianne-Blumenbecker-Park and Blumenbecker is responsible for maintaining the park and its facilities. more

A Neubeckum-based football club competing in the Kreisliga A Beckum. more

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